Sweet little Judah and his sister’s session seen here.

what to expect:
Our shooting style is primarily photojournalistic—which in plain English means that we prefer to document events, interactions, and reactions as they naturally unfold rather than scripting every moment or shot. Sometimes this involves a suggested scenario and sometimes it means watching you simply be who you are. The most interesting photos are the ones that tell stories. They are the shots that leave you wanting to see more and to know more. That being said, we’re also big fans of a clean, striking, intuitive portrait. But regardless of approach, the end goal is always “real relationships + beautiful photography”. 

but let’s get to know each other first:
Our keen powers of observation have led us to discover that familiarity breeds comfort and trust. So with that in mind, we propose a get-together prior to your shoot to break the proverbial ice. Whether it’s live interaction over dessert or coffee (or tea if that’s your thing), or a virtual meet-up via skype or phone, this is a chance for us to hash out some of the details of your day’s shoot—what your story is, where you’d like it to be—and also give you a more filled-out version of who we are and what we do.

session details
Each story is as unique as you are. Your own family, your own experiences, your own tastes and dislikes are what make real life so interesting. If you are wondering what your own story will be, we want to put you at ease that who you are and what you do now are the most important things you will remember down the road. But we will talk through what this looks like prior to your shoot. 

your story
This includes the time spent together before and during the shoot (plan for around 2 hours minimum), a finished collection of at least 40-50 edited final images on disc. Pricing starts at $350.

Ready to tell your everyday story? 
Send us a note here and we’ll get back to you as quick as can be with the details!