We have a couple birds we’ve started to watch out our dining room window at breakfast each morning.  

Sometimes an occasional fat Robin, but often we see the same gray bird perching on the fence.  

The gray bird has been building a nest.  

this little female finch isn’t the above-mentioned gray bird (actually a cat bird we found out later), she’s just a friendly visitor we seed at the feeder.

this little female finch isn’t the above-mentioned gray bird (actually a cat bird we found out later), she’s just a friendly visitor we seed at the feeder.

We know this after watching her gather pine straw, twigs, and string in between her flights to a nearby tree, where she disappears under the boughs.  

I don’t know what kind of bird she is, but I do know she is busy gathering what she needs for her home. She’s working hard to prepare for her eggs, and make a comfortable spot to sit in over the next month, or however long it takes to keep those eggs warm.  

We haven’t seen her for the past couple of days, and I imagine she’s done gathering and has finished the work of building. Now she’s in her home, doing what God made her to do. Sit on her nest. Protect her eggs, and wait.  

I feel a little like that bird some days. I’m a home maker. I have my own nest that the Lord has given me. It’s filled with three little boys, and rooms and walls to continually tend to. 

I may not be gathering straw and twigs but I’m gathering up wisdom from His word each day. I’m applying truth that He teaches as the days go by. I’m weaving the walls with good, with truth, and with beauty, in hopes and prayers that the boys foundation is deeply rooted in God too. 

This conversation of homemaking.

It’s one that I’ve been coming back to in my close knit circle of friends. Women that share the same values and desires as myself.  Women that see their individual role as “homemaker” as a beautiful gift from God. As a blessing.

Its something I’m learning daily, and something that seems to be forgotten today, as if it’s unimportant.  

Has it become archaic?  

Is it no longer a valuable thing for the women to be homemakers?  

These are the questions I wrestle with, not because I thing the answer is yes, but I think the answer is no.  

The heart of homemaking is in the hearts of women. It’s God given, to build your nest. To protect your children, to stay close to them and provide a warm and beautiful place of rest. 

I was reading in Isaiah 40:11 and the verse says: 

“He will tend his flock like a shepherd: he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.”  

I love the mention here of several things; tending, gathering, carrying, and gentle leading.  

The reference to the young ones, reminds me of His heart towards mothers and their children.  

They are valuable.

We are valuable ladies. As mothers and homemakers our roles are important.  

I would love to share more about this as I think through what exactly this role, this word of homemaking means.

I know God has a special purpose in the role of homemaking for each of us. It’s part of the makeup of who we are as women. And it’s beautiful, and good.