My goodness I have sincerely missed writing here. While I never considered myself to be a writer, I cannot get away from the desire to sit down and write. To share what we’ve been up to, what I have been learning, and places I’ve seen some growth. 

We started this year ringing in the new year in a beach house by the Atlantic, on a very cold blustery night. The weather was anything but normal for the coast, but maybe that’s just how the year will just go. A little abnormal in ways!

I don’t love the idea of resolutions. They seem to be intimidating and often become so overwhelming that the whole list of them becomes history around day three of a new year. My older sister inspired me to try pursuing goals for the new year. Goals are much more attainable because they are just that, goals. Not perfection, but progress and growth. I can wrap my mind around that!

So this years goals. I have several areas I am investing in. Spiritual, mental, and physical. These include places in my walk with God, my family and marriage, and my home life. I was excited to write down some goals for these.  

Along those lines I am also a fan of choosing a word for the year. A word that I prayed for, and asked God to help me with. Have you ever done this? I have several friends that have done this too, and it will be neat to see how they grow in their chosen words. I will share mine. It’s plan.

As I look back over the last year, I can see places where poor planning added stress when it didn’t have to. As a homeschooling mama, planning has become pretty important so that we can get the work done we need to each week. As a wife I have failed so many times in our grocery budget, (just being honest) and I know that planning the meals, and grocery list helps keep me in budget! And planning a little more long term in this area will help too. Like making a list of all the meals we enjoy so I don’t have to think about brand new meals every week. 

I was encouraged a couple weeks ago when I not only stayed on budget, but was under budget for the week! Yay! Then I went over the next week…baby steps I suppose. But progress, not perfection all at once.  

What about you? Did you make resolutions? Goals? And are you a word of the year person? I’d love to hear about your own progress for the new year! And any apps you love for planning. I need help!

Until next time, I’ll be over here writing out my grocery list.