In Georgia the weather is unpredictable. This winter especially. Christmas day it was in the 70’s!  It has not been especially cold this year, so when the temps dropped in January it was a little surprising as I was kind of hoping that spring had sprung early (really REALLY early I suppose).

Today however when our two boys woke up they were so excited…well okay, we were so excited, to see the snow outside! I was hoping for a little snow this year and it was thrilling to see some snow, albeit only a couple inches dusting our yard. After pancakes, devotions and the 20 minute gathering and dressing of two little ones we headed outside! 

snow day in GA.png

snow day in GA.png

snow angels in the southern snow.png

We had been cooped up a bit indoors this week with a lot of rain and a lot of cold. I think we were all eager to get out and explore. I was just as thrilled as the boys to be outside in the fresh air. And the snow! So pretty. I thanked God this morning during my quiet time for making something so pure and beautiful. 

snow day in georgia.png


On our walk today we brought along our trusty “sled”. A makeshift sled that is actually a body board for the ocean. We have faithfully used this with any snow we’ve had here in GA and for reasons that I don’t even know (okay we never seem to think of it when we SEE an occasional sled) we have not picked up a real sled. Okay so maybe this will be the year? 

snow day in georgia.png

It doesn’t really seem to matter to the boys who are light enough to be pulled along. Their giggles and squeals and Jonah’s panting from running (ha, kidding Jonah) make it clear that their sled is most definitely a “real” sled to them. 

sledding in the south.png

sledding in the south.png

sledding on the body board.png

snow day_itstheeveryday_png


snow covered

snow day_itstheeverydayphotography.png


snow in the south_itstheeverydayphotography.png


sledding in the snow_itstheeveryday_photography.png

snow day and adventure_itstheeveryday_photography.png

snow day_itstheeveryday_photography.png

snow day with our two boys_itstheeveryday_photography_atlanta_Georgia.png

I love wintery days like this when we can really earn our cup of hot cocoa after being outdoors. It makes me feel like we have a small part of the north with us without all the work that goes along with a full snowy winter. I’m thankful for our snow day, for these boys, for this man I get to lovingly call my husband and best friend. 

It’s all melty out there now, but I’m so thankful for the memories and photos from the day.