The North GA state fair is in town this week! We were so excited to take our boys there this year, since they were BOTH tall enough to go on the rides! 

It was a rainy wet night and we almost didn’t go. Planning to be there when it opened, we actually ended up waiting about an hour and half to see if it would clear up. Originally planning to meet up with our friends at the fair, we actually stopped by their house to eat some pizza together (you know you have good friends when they let you pop in within a 5 minute warning text!). After dinner the sky looked clear enough for us to head over, so we chanced it. 

I’m actually glad we got to go when it was wet outside, because we were able to see a lot more in the reflective, puddle-y ground that we would have missed on a clear night. And I’m sure the crowds were a lot thinner on a rainy night, which was also a big positive. 

Between us all there were 5 little boys and four adults, which meant chaos. 

Not really, I was kidding there. 

But REALLY, it was such a blast watching our boys (only the older 4 were of age to ride) light up over each ride. For me, I know it was just as much fun watching, than riding myself. 

Aleksandr’s first time on rides was a memory I will carry with me for a lifetime. I still laugh when I think about him sitting on a miniature caterpillar roller coaster, awaiting it’s departure. “I’m going to have SO MUCH FUN!” he squealed to himself. I was listening by the gate and just smiled at him, who was completely oblivious to my presence. 

I didn’t take too many photos, and I don’t regret it. Even though the colors and reflection were so brilliant, I think I will remember our night by all the conversations we heard from our boys, and from the few shots I did take. Thanks to my friend Erin (who is also a talented photographer you can find here) for taking a family shot of us. We had a great time, made some great memories and ate some fantastic home made ice-cream! Yah for fair days!