Our baby boy turned 3 years old this August and we celebrated by taking a day trip to a local science museum. I can’t believe we have another 3 year old at home now. I still feel like he is very babyish, even though he is much more boy than baby these days. 

We decided to take a trip to Tellus Museum in Cartersville, GA. It’s really not a far drive from our neck of the woods and because it was a weekday it was wonderfully quiet there. We had the museum nearly to ourselves! The boys loved seeing the dinosaur replicas, the gems and stones, the NASA exhibit (with a genuine astronaut suit to try on!) the hands on play areas (with a digging site for little archeologists) and so much more to explore. 

We packed our lunch and stopped midway through our visit to eat it outdoors on a nice shaded bench right outside the museum. Really, if you have little boys this is truly a “gem” for them. And it was fascinating for Jonah and I as well. 

Personally I really loved the NASA exhibit, and seeing a real moon rock. I also loved seeing all the gems and minerals and the ones that actually had a phosphorescence quality! You can see the large orb down below (left with regular light, right with black light). 

I think I was more in awe of all that God created when I walked out of Tellus. Why would He choose to make rocks glow in the dark? Or why would He choose to make creatures as large as dinosaurs (including a ginormous sea turtle we saw a replica of, also pretty cool)? 

This summer has been one where we’ve often stood in awe for who God is. For what He creates and designs with so much thought and care. And it’s a humbling and grateful place that I find myself in each time I realize how good a God He is to care so much for those He’s created, even by simply making a rock that glows in the dark. 

We were thrilled to celebrate our big 3 year old at such a fun museum, and to also partake of our family traditions again. Every birthday has turned into a doughnut run for breakfast and a chance for each boy to choose a balloon of their choice. We love making traditions and opting for a family day trip over a party was a very good choice all around this year. Happy Birthday to our big boy, who has already nearly mastered his new balance bike!