Hey friends! 

I mentioned in my last post that we are going to make a few changes here. One of those changes will be that I will be shooting solo for a while. Jonah will assist me occasionally, but as of this year I will be primarily shooting solo. Yah! We are going to have so much fun together right??? 

This won’t be a huge change for us really, since I’ve been shooting solo for a while. But for now we are “officially” saying it will be only me taking your photos.

I’m excited for this year and the people and stories I will get to share in. Another thing I am excited about are sound stories. We launched these last fall and feel these are above and beyond photos, with your own voice included.

I don’t usually do mini sessions, as it’s not really the style I shoot in, but I wanted to offer something specific to mom’s in light of Mother’s Day. 

Through May 3 (week before Mother’s Day) I’ll be offering a small photo story tailored for a mom and her children. These will be shorter than a full story session in both time and amount of photos.

What will these look like?

We will have a photo shoot doing something you enjoy with your own kids! This is going to be a lot of fun because each family is so different. For me this would look like a walk in the woods with our two boys, picking out sticks  and rocks, exploring the creek and conquering new “mountains”. The key is to do something together you both love. Too often mom is the one taking photos (ahem, raising hand) and doesn’t get to be in the photos. These will be photos not only you will love, but your children will in years to come.

Smaller story sessions will be starting at $150. With the option to add on a sound story with it (email me for more details, pricing etc.).

To book a session and find out more details, please send me an email at:

Can’t wait to meet you!  

– Carrie