Well hello there! Do you remember us? Should we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or is it way too late for that? Actually Happy Valentine’s Day fit’s in there too. It’s been a busy few months for us needless to say. There were plans to post more on our blog but time and life did not allow for it. We traveled after Christmas and had a blast visiting family up north near Washington D.C. Once we came back home we were down and out with sickness for about a week, not a grand way to start the new year! After we were all well again Jonah and I had the opportunity to attend Passion Conference here in Atlanta. It was an amazing few days that have renewed our hearts in the Lord, to say the least. We are so incredibly grateful for what the Lord showed us! It was an amazing time of worship, learning and prayer. I think a post on Passion is due in the near future because of some incredible changes that have taken place since then. And not in a small sort of way, but more of a changing-the-way-you-walk with Him sort of way, pushing our faith even deeper. And that is worth sharing!

In other news, what does this mean for 2015? For It’s the Everyday, we are excited about all the great stories we will shoot, but moreso meeting you guys, the ones with the stories. It’s an honor to step into another’s persons life and tell their story. Really it’s not a small thing and we realize that.

A small change on our part will be coming- and not the way we shoot but who (me solo vs Jonah and I) shoots. We’ll share more on this in the near future.

Right now though, we thought we’d share a few shots from the past month. Yes they may be from Christmas, but it’s part of our story! 

Here’s to another full year, chock full of stories of your everyday life! Send us an email to book your own photo story, we can’t wait to meet you!