When the leaves start changing colors it can only mean one thing around here. It’s fall! With the beautiful display of colors comes cool weather, sweaters and jeans. Not to mention hot cocoa in the morning, fire pits at night and just a general “ahhhh” from both Jonah and I as we gladly welcome the crisp start to our days. We love the fall and are so thankful to live in a place where we can enjoy all four seasons. 

With the cooler temperatures it’s pretty common to also start feeling yucky. And unfortunately colds and flu are “in season” too. I try to keep our diet close to basic real foods and over the years I’ve bookmarked and now pinned a lot of natural remedies and immune boosters to try in our own home. One of these is called elderberry syrup. It’s a common item in the health food store but the price of one bottle can run anywhere from $14 and up! I read the ingredients on the back and then decided to search online for a home made recipe. It was easy to find several recipes that were very basic and quick. My biggest hurdle was finding dried elderberries locally. I could only find them online and with shipping added in it just wasn’t worth it cost wise. I started my search for the berries a year or two back and gave up on making my own. 

I have to say that the Lord is good and He listens to our hearts, no matter how small a request we may bring to Him. I had prayed for a way to get some elderberries within our budget. I set my search aside and trusted that one day I’d find some berries! This past summer I decided to shop at a natural food store that I didn’t even know was near us. I stumbled upon it accidentally and wouldn’t you know that they carried dried elderberries in bulk? I was so excited to find them for a good price and locally! I thanked the Lord and waited about one day before I made my first batch of syrup! 

I have a jar of it in our fridge now, and we all take it daily right now as it’s become cooler out and both Jonah and I have not felt the greatest. It’s an immune booster and pretty tasty too. 

I used this recipe for ours, and it was super quick to make!  If you are local and would like to get your own supply of elderberries here’s a link to the store I went to. Let me know if you make your own! 

Happy Saturday!