The other day I was catching up with a long time friend of mine and she said something about archiving that I thought was so thoughtful I felt I had to share. She said that she created email accounts for her two children and sends emails to them regularly. Sometimes she emails them articles she’s found online that she would love to discuss with them when they’re older, sometimes videos of their everyday, sometimes sound clips of them, or her and sometimes just letters. And her husband also emails to them regularly. 

Isn’t that a thoughtful idea? 

I am forever trying to slow down these little years, because they are so fast!  They are so full, funny, and so memorable. 

And my short term memory is well, yup. It’s sad how quickly I forget what happened yesterday, let alone a month ago.

While I was thinking about email accounts, it occurred to me that I could take this idea to print. Literally, by actually buying journals to write in. Writing seems to be a thing of the past these days, and that’s sad. I enjoy writing and there is something serene about sitting quietly with your thoughts and a pen and paper. So I picked up two journals for the boys the other day, and I started their journals. 

I may still create emails for them, because I love having a place for digital files, but for now I am excited to keep a record in a tangible way.