Becoming a mom has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I cannot measure the amount of joy that fills my day-to-day from being with these babes of ours. And I’ve never been so actively involved in photography as I have been as a mama. There are so many little things I don’t want to miss! As they have grown from newborn to baby, toddler to little man, I have been documenting along the way. My collection of photos has grown to thousands, but I love being able to look through the past few years and see what my everyday is like with them. And from all those photos, do you know which ones are my favorites? Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) they aren’t the controlled, posed, set up shots that we have of our boys when they were tiny newborns. No, it’s the candid, natural, in the moment kind of shots that I love the most. Like our first stop at the beach when we arrived in Charleston. We had our swim clothes packed in the car, but we were so excited to see the ocean. We just planned to dip our feet in, however when you are with a toddler that has been talking about the beach for the past 5 hours in the car, plans change. And you come away with a shot of your 3 year old in his underoos. 

Or how there are always rocks to collect whenever we visit the grandparents. 

Or the moments I catch these two reading a book or eating snacks all squished together in the same place. 

The moments are what I remember, and having those in photos is something that I will always treasure. 

So, as Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to offer something special just for moms.  
This is a session that will be in your home (or a special place you love to be with your kids) documenting your relationship with your little ones. What moments in your life do you most want to remember? What is your story?
I have to laugh because, as I typed this, my youngest came toddling by with one shoe on and the other shoe in hand, waiting for some help from mommy or daddy to put it back. And once I sat back down to type (I was outside enjoying our spring weather) a ladybug landed on my cup of water. My three year old was instantly enthralled with this tiny bug. It’s these little moments that I love, that fill up my days. They are ordinary, but fleeting, and I know when I’m not so busy in the middle of raising these little boys I will miss simple moments like these.  

The moments in your own life are what I will be documenting. This real life session will be the simple everyday you spend as a mom with your own little ones. The stories you read together, the breakfast routine you share everyday, the teaching moments when you show your child something for the first time, the times you get to hold your little ones and they don’t squirm away.  

Ready to book your session?
Because I really want to invest my time into your individual story, I will only be offering a minimum amount of sessions. So please contact me if you are ready to book your session! I can’t wait to get to know you and document your own sweet story in motherhood!