We have been experiencing some unusually cold, wintery weather this year down south. And while we do love the hot days with some warm sun on our faces, we cannot deny the excitement that a little snow brings to our household. All four of us love the outdoors, and when we are given the chance to play outside, especially when there are snow adventures awaiting us, it’s a pretty perfect kind of week. Also we cannot deny the fact that the beauty of this snow, as fleeting as it is (pretty sure it’s melted away a substantial amount as I type this) presents a photographer’s dream. The sheer beauty of the pure white fluff that greeted us this morning was enough to take our breath away. The silence of the morning, followed by the crunch of newly fallen snow under our feet was an amazing start to the day. I (Carrie) was struck by the beauty of it all, but as I looked back through these photos, I was again reminded of the beauty of our God. He didn’t have to make snowflakes be so unique, but He did. Even if we can’t see the tiny separate flakes, they are there in all their collective beauty. Amazing. Here are a few snapshots we wanted to share with you.