As has become our fall tradition (this being our second year), we recently took an afternoon trip a little ways north to a genuine pumpkin patch. It was located on a farm and, with wide open spaces to run, huge blue skies and miles of country, it was a perfect place for little boys to run wild. We loved watching the boys explore the pumpkins and gourds. At one point our youngest actually crawled over and bit a gourd. Woops! It was a nearly perfect weather kind of day and we loved our visit at the farm. It was also neat to compare a shot to a similar one from our visit last year (see the last photo) to see how big our boys are getting! This is a wonderful tradition that we recommend to all our friends (with kids or without!).  

pumpkin patch13_personal_01.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_02.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_03.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_04.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_05.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_06.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_07.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_08.jpg

pumpkin patch13_personal_09.jpg

pumpkin patch 2012 and 2013.jpg