I (Carrie) have a heart for mothers. And babies. And motherhood in all it’s messy, busy, wonderful chaos. Becoming a mom changes you. For me it changed me in a good way. It stripped me of my self-centeredness, revealed to me how personal our God is, and showed me how much He loves us. I learned what hard work really meant, and how it felt to have little people love you no matter how bad of a day you are having. And it’s wonderful. Amazing. I love being a mom! I love caring for these little boys that God has entrusted to Jonah and I. My heart grew with each son and my understanding and appreciation for my own mom expanded in ways I never expected. 

With this journey into motherhood I wanted to focus (no pun intended) on something close to my heart for a personal photography project. I realized how fast life goes when you are expecting. While awaiting the birth of our second son, I wanted to stop and capture as much as I could on camera. I realized the time spent with just our oldest son and I was soon going to be over. I was sentimental about the moments we shared, and I  wondered how other mom’s felt when they welcomed a new baby into their lives. I was nervous, excited, but also a little bittersweet- saying goodbye to just the one on one time with our firstborn. 

And so this project was “birthed”.

I called it my mama project. I ended up being able to sit in with 5 different amazing women- mom’s who showed me what it was like to prepare for a new baby, to carry on in everyday life. It was a celebration- of motherhood. f being the mom and woman that God created you to be.


To see the stories click on the names below. To schedule your own mama story with me (carrie) send me a note here.

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