Pumpkin Patch 2013 {personal}

As has become our fall tradition (this being our second year), we recently took an afternoon trip a little ways north to a genuine pumpkin patch. It was located on a farm and, with wide open spaces to run, huge blue skies and miles of country, it was a perfect place for little boys to run wild. We loved watching the boys explore the pumpkins and gourds. At one point our youngest actually crawled over and bit a gourd. Woops! It was a nearly perfect weather kind of day and we loved our visit at the farm. It was also neat to compare a shot to a similar one from our visit last year (see the last photo) to see how big our boys are getting! This is a wonderful tradition that we recommend to all our friends (with kids or without!).  

pumpkin patch13_personal_01.jpg
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fall traditions {sessions for fall}

Well, I think it's safe to say that fall is *almost* here. While the weather is playing tricks on us with warmth and humidity, the trees aren't lying. I can see leaves collecting on the ground and I know that cool weather will be here soon! With fall we welcome so many cool weather things that we seem to forget about during the hot months. (And there are a lot of hot months in the south, so when it's cool outside, we embrace it!) 
Last year we started a new tradition in our family–we took our boys to the pumpkin patch farm out in the country. The wide open spaces, huge blue skies, and fields of pumpkins were the perfect place for our (then) 2 year old to stretch his little legs and run, run, run!
We love family traditions. They make up who you are as a family, what you view as important, how it keeps you unified and how it makes you stronger.  
What kind of traditions are you making now? Especially with the fall season upon us, we are thinking of the things that we can't wait to share with our own family. Baking together, heading to the pumpkin patch, visiting an orchard, picking apples, collecting colorful leaves, brewing hot cider, wearing cozy sweaters, taking picnics at the park.
No matter how big or small the tradition is, it's important because it's your own!  
And with that being said, we are looking forward to capturing your unique traditions! 
We are currently booking for fall sessions for September-November.
We would love to tell your story, photograph your own traditions, and create a collection of images that you will be able to look through for years and years to come. (don't forget you receive a beautiful book with your session!)
Let's go to the park, the orchard, your backyard, or the pumpkin patch. 
And hey, not sure of what traditions your own family has? No need to stress, just see this as an opportunity to document your everyday, or maybe even start something brand new! :)