announcing sound stories

We are thrilled to announce a new element at it's the everyday! 

Presenting sound stories. We are adding more dimension to your photo story by including a personal interview with you. Your words, our photos. The truest portrayal of your everyday.
It's a beautiful thing. 

Click on the photo below for the full story (and be sure to watch in HD).


We will be sharing the complete blog post of this amazing family's session soon!
(For details about sound stories head here.)

a photograph

I once read a quote by a well-known professional photographer that stuck with me. He said, "A picture is not a photograph until it's printed." In the world of digital-downloading-immediate-satisfaction kind of shooting, it's easy to take a picture, or 100, download them and forget about them.

What happens? How do we manage to take so many photos but never really do anything with them? 

I can raise my hand and say guilty! I hate it, but I tend to do this very thing. 

I take a lot of photos. And by a lot, I mean hundreds. Thousands. We have large hard drives, needless to say. And it saddens me. It pains me that I can't print, print, print away. Why not? What is the culprit behind this last step to send the files to print?

Welp, there is time to do this. And there is money that needs to go towards printing. Two hurdles that seem to stand in my way.  

However, once you set up a system to be sure you get prints from those amazing shots, there is nothing like seeing those photographs on the wall. 

I admit I am still in the process of creating a system for printing, but I have started sorting through my photos a little differently. By this, I mean I set up a folder labeled "favorites" and, whenever I see an image that I absolutely love, I drop it in there. Having this favorites folder eliminates some time for me later, when I am ready to print some photos from our massive collection. I still have a ways to go with organizing and labeling, but this simple step is a start. 

This month I carved out an evening, sat down and sent some of our images out to be printed. After months of thinking about this, I can't tell you how good it felt to follow through and check this off my list. And also when they arrived in the mail it was like those days when I was eagerly waiting for my prints to be developed! Oh joy!

Our photos are wonderful, beautiful memories that I can see daily now, and I. LOVE. THAT.

Perhaps you suffer from the same thing I do? Procrastination from printing? Just sit down and do it! You will not regret getting prints. Unless you use a crappy photo lab. (Please don't. We can recommend a professional lab!)

Personal Portrait Challenge: days 19-24

To save myself a wee bit of time, I decided to group my past days in this one post. Much easier than making several posts at a time to keep my challenge up to date. You won't have to scroll to past posts to see what the past 7 days were. You're welcome for that. 

Day 19

Probably one of my favorites so far. We have a time of family devotions and prayer each night, and Aleksandr is learning about prayer. He's got the motion down, and it's adorable to see his little hands folded in preparation. 


Day 20

We are eager to get outdoors at any chance of a spring feeling day. Today was one, even though it was a bit chilly. We moved our art outdoors for the day. 

Day 21

Early morning Curious George cartoons.

Day 22

Tired out. After a day of shooting a wedding with a very talented photographer and friend, the weariness sets in. 

Day 23

Giggles from this boy make me giggle too!

Day 24

Anselm allowed me to capture his portrait. Sweet, small, new little Anselm.