personal portrait

Personal Portrait Challenge: days 25-31

Day 25

I've been spending a lot of time in books these days. This particular one was about the business of photography. A very good read. 

Day 26

We took a little trip to a "small zoo". Or rather a pet shop down the road!

Day 27

It seems I did miss a day. Well, 30 out of 31 isn't bad right? #fail. 

Day 28

I took a trip to Chattanooga for a ladies retreat at my church. My pastor's wife opened up the retreat with our key passage in Ephesians. 

Day 29

Wrapping up the retreat, it was so encouraging to hear this friend's message of how God uses us in so many unique ways and how beautiful it is. Like a woven tapestry. 

Day 30

Story time is always a favorite part of the day (several times a day) for everyone.

Day 31

Books are a huge part of our everyday life. Not always, but often enough there will be times when the boys are super quiet and I'll find them contentedly reading a book. I love it! May they grow to have a deep love for reading!

Personal Portrait Challenge: days 19-24

To save myself a wee bit of time, I decided to group my past days in this one post. Much easier than making several posts at a time to keep my challenge up to date. You won't have to scroll to past posts to see what the past 7 days were. You're welcome for that. 

Day 19

Probably one of my favorites so far. We have a time of family devotions and prayer each night, and Aleksandr is learning about prayer. He's got the motion down, and it's adorable to see his little hands folded in preparation. 


Day 20

We are eager to get outdoors at any chance of a spring feeling day. Today was one, even though it was a bit chilly. We moved our art outdoors for the day. 

Day 21

Early morning Curious George cartoons.

Day 22

Tired out. After a day of shooting a wedding with a very talented photographer and friend, the weariness sets in. 

Day 23

Giggles from this boy make me giggle too!

Day 24

Anselm allowed me to capture his portrait. Sweet, small, new little Anselm.