Well hello there! Do you remember us? Should we say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or is it way too late for that? Actually Happy Valentine's Day fit's in there too. It's been a busy few months for us needless to say. There were plans to post more on our blog but time and life did not allow for it. We traveled after Christmas and had a blast visiting family up north near Washington D.C. Once we came back home we were down and out with sickness for about a week, not a grand way to start the new year! After we were all well again Jonah and I had the opportunity to attend Passion Conference here in Atlanta. It was an amazing few days that have renewed our hearts in the Lord, to say the least. We are so incredibly grateful for what the Lord showed us! It was an amazing time of worship, learning and prayer. I think a post on Passion is due in the near future because of some incredible changes that have taken place since then. And not in a small sort of way, but more of a changing-the-way-you-walk with Him sort of way, pushing our faith even deeper. And that is worth sharing!

In other news, what does this mean for 2015? For It's the Everyday, we are excited about all the great stories we will shoot, but moreso meeting you guys, the ones with the stories. It's an honor to step into another's persons life and tell their story. Really it's not a small thing and we realize that.

A small change on our part will be coming- and not the way we shoot but who (me solo vs Jonah and I) shoots. We'll share more on this in the near future.

Right now though, we thought we'd share a few shots from the past month. Yes they may be from Christmas, but it's part of our story! 

Here's to another full year, chock full of stories of your everyday life! Send us an email to book your own photo story, we can't wait to meet you!




at the gulf coast

We have been home from vacation for about a week now and can honestly say we still miss the beach! Everyone has a favorite vacationing spot, and ours is definitely on the beach, soaking up some sun, jumping in the waves and living the coastal life. 

Our family vacation this year took us to a couple of spots in Florida: Pensacola and Destin. We stayed with family and thoroughly enjoyed the time with them! Our days were filled with great memories, yummy food (always a favorite part of traveling), sandy beaches, lots of laughter and even some thrift store shopping (woohoo!).

We wanted to share some of our favorite photos from the trip, as well as some great local places to try out if you are in the area. 

In Pensacola, there is an amazing fish market called Joe Patti's Seafood. It's a unique and fun experience to visit as it's fairly busy there. When you arrive, you pick a number to be called on (like in a deli) and tell them what you want. There's a long row of seafood selections behind the glass counters and it can be a little overwhelming when you are narrowing down your choices. Luckily for us our brother (a Pensacola native) was a pro at ordering and took it all in stride! While he ordered, we toured the place and showed the lobsters to our boys, which was pretty thrilling for them. One lobster that was being purchased weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs.! There is also a gelato bar inside that offers free cups of vanilla gelato to children. It was seriously some of the best tasting gelato we've ever had. We can still taste the rich, deep, vanilla tones of it, that make you think you are almost eating a freshly baked waffle cone. Yum! If only they had gallon containers to take home. We came away from Joe Patti's with some delicious shrimp and several varieties of fish, not to mention sushi, and it was all delicious! It's definitely worth a visit if you are in the Pensacola area.


Part of our trip was also spent in Destin. We shared a condo with family and it was the best decision for us (as a family with little ones).  When you are traveling with small children it's wonderful to be able to have separate bedrooms if possible, since there are still nap schedules and bed times to think about. Granted the bed times get pushed a bit later than usual, but having a closed room for them, while the adults can hang out, is definitely the way to go. Our condo was beautiful with an amazing view of both the ocean in front of us and the bay beside us. We had our own kitchen (which was wonderful to help save a little on eating out) as well as a washer and dryer. That was also fabulous so that we didn't have a few suitcases full of dirty laundry to lug back with us. In comparing a condo to a hotel, the condo definitely won out for our family.

One evening our criteria for dinner was a bit unusual to say the least: find a restaurant (non-chain) that served fried pickles. We headed out to a place in Sandestin that was located in the Village of Baytowne Wharf. Tucked away from the road and located inside a resort, it was a neat place to walk around and see sights as a family. There were a lot of options for restaurants and dessert, but also a variety of activities to try out too for the kids (and adults for that matter). We let Oliver ride the carousel with his cousin and it was kind of magical to see it all lit up at night. A neat place to explore and also to snap a few family shots!
(And by the way, we did have some fried pickles here, and they were amazing!)

Funny story. We took the boys to a local park and while we were there we had two weird (or rather a bit abnormal) encounters. One was that Aleksandr found a live crawfish (minus one claw) crawling around. Guess who decided to take it home and boil it for a little afternoon snack? (it was not Carrie). And secondly, we witnessed the strength of a very determined squirrel, who found an apple in the garbage and proceeded to carry it with his teeth up a tree! Um, what in the world? It's kind of fun to visit parks out state! 


Finally we ended our visit back in Pensacola. A favorite spot was walking along the dock at the harbor watching all the big boats. When you have little boys it's pretty easy to find something that captivates their attention, but as adults it was really a perfect way to end an evening. The sun was setting, the breeze was coming up off the water, and we loved seeing the variety of yachts and sailboats anchored at the marina. One of the prettiest ones was a great big red one. We were able to watch this one pull out to sea, which was pretty exciting for the boys to watch. We loved the whole trip and can't wait to go back again! 

a photograph

I once read a quote by a well-known professional photographer that stuck with me. He said, "A picture is not a photograph until it's printed." In the world of digital-downloading-immediate-satisfaction kind of shooting, it's easy to take a picture, or 100, download them and forget about them.

What happens? How do we manage to take so many photos but never really do anything with them? 

I can raise my hand and say guilty! I hate it, but I tend to do this very thing. 

I take a lot of photos. And by a lot, I mean hundreds. Thousands. We have large hard drives, needless to say. And it saddens me. It pains me that I can't print, print, print away. Why not? What is the culprit behind this last step to send the files to print?

Welp, there is time to do this. And there is money that needs to go towards printing. Two hurdles that seem to stand in my way.  

However, once you set up a system to be sure you get prints from those amazing shots, there is nothing like seeing those photographs on the wall. 

I admit I am still in the process of creating a system for printing, but I have started sorting through my photos a little differently. By this, I mean I set up a folder labeled "favorites" and, whenever I see an image that I absolutely love, I drop it in there. Having this favorites folder eliminates some time for me later, when I am ready to print some photos from our massive collection. I still have a ways to go with organizing and labeling, but this simple step is a start. 

This month I carved out an evening, sat down and sent some of our images out to be printed. After months of thinking about this, I can't tell you how good it felt to follow through and check this off my list. And also when they arrived in the mail it was like those days when I was eagerly waiting for my prints to be developed! Oh joy!

Our photos are wonderful, beautiful memories that I can see daily now, and I. LOVE. THAT.

Perhaps you suffer from the same thing I do? Procrastination from printing? Just sit down and do it! You will not regret getting prints. Unless you use a crappy photo lab. (Please don't. We can recommend a professional lab!)

A little break {personal}

Yesterday we packed up a picnic and headed north. For as many years as we have lived in Georgia, we had never made the trip to Red Top mountain. If you live near Atlanta, this beautiful spot is so close it's silly. We live in the Kennesaw/Acworth area and have the advantage of two pretty parks near us—Kennesaw Mountain just to the south, and Red Top Mountain a few minutes north. And while we have made many trips to Kennesaw Mountain, I am not sure why we've yet to make a trip to Red Top. Too far of a drive? Too much work?
Well let me tell you it was fabulous. Beautiful, peaceful and quiet! Going on a weekday was wonderful because no one was there. It was just us, big sky, lots of trees, big rocks, play grounds and an open stretch of lake (read: lots of adventure and exploration for a family with boys). As far as all the above questions, it probably took us an extra 5 minutes to drive north. Yup, really. Why in the world did it take us so long to visit?

It's amazing what is around you when you just pack up and go. I think the actual going part was where we got stuck. With little ones, every place you go is kind of a big deal since it means a whole lot of packing and preparing to be sure you will be ready for anything. Even if it's only a 20 minute drive. That's just how it is as a parent! But visiting Red Top is worth it! And it's so close you won't need to worry about packing much. The beauty and seclusion makes you feel like you are on a retreat of sorts since you are tucked away among the trees and lake and rocks. It's a perfect outing for anyone that needs a little break from the busyness of suburban life. Now to be on the lookout for a pair of kayaks...