the dixon family

The Dixon's are a young family with a 3-year old and a 1-year old. I remember well what it was like with those ages (since our own little boys are also two years apart and only slightly older), so I was excited to photograph their story. 

When I met with Rhonda before their session, she said she wanted to remember the simple things of what they do in their everyday life. Some of their favorite things to do together involve chasing daddy in the front yard, dressing up as rapunzel (complete with ace bandage as the "hair"), making all sorts of foods from their play kitchen, playing games together, reading stories, and just slowing down to rock the littles to sleep (almost!).

I love including portraits in a story, so we started our time together outside in their gorgeous back yard. Seriously, look at those fall colors! After portraits, I stepped back and let them step into their everyday. When I shoot I try to let families just live, without much prompting or posing from me, and in the end I feel like their story is colorful, beautiful, and filled with memories unique to them. I just love watching families do their everyday together. I know how quick this season is with children, and I know how quickly we forget some of their favorite things. What a blessing it is to me to be able to document a glimpse of their life. 

Thanks Dixon family for such a great story, and for being such awesome clients! 

baby judah

When we met Kelly and Jack it was kind of like meeting old friends. We just clicked as individuals, and that's always nice when you are in the "nice to meet you, what kind of people will these two be?" phase. We found out pretty quickly that they are easy-going, down-to-earth kind of people, and it was refreshing knowing their expectations were realistic about becoming parents—realistic in the sense that you have to remain flexible and enjoy the ride into parenthood! Their love for each other and their soon-to-be-born son was evident, and their excitement contagious. We were thrilled to be the ones to shoot their first days at home as a family of three.

A few weeks later, baby Judah was born (what an awesome name, right?), and we planned for their story session once they felt settled in at home. The day of their shoot dawned a beautiful Saturday morning, and it was a wonderful experience all around to watch these two naturally parent their wee son. There is something so very special about those first months as a brand new mom and dad. You love like you never knew possible, you grow in ways you didn't think you could, and you easily delight in caring for your baby. Life is certainly different now for these two, but honestly, for them, parenting seems to be second nature, and it sure does look beautiful. 

the bedtime routine

You may remember Kelly and Andy from their sound story that we shared recently. When we were planning their photo story we asked them what we often ask our clients: to think about moments that they'd like to remember 10 or 20 years down the road and have those captured as their story. Their typical day is packed full as they both work from home and take care of two little ones. But in the craziness of their busy lives they wanted to remember the ordinary of their everyday evening routine. What this looked like for them—coming together as a family for dinner, wiping down two tiny pizza-stained faces, running upstairs to take a bath, putting on jammies, reading bedtime stories, singing songs together and praying before the lights go out. Mix in the energy of two kids, the giggles and playfulness of winding down and the sweetness of hearing prayers being lifted up made for a very special story. It was really an honor for us to be able to take photos of their everyday, because we know that they will be able to hold on to these little years a little bit longer through both the still images and the sound bites. No scripting from us, just their real life. Check out their story below, and if you haven't done so head over to hear their sound story as well. Thank you to this family for letting us briefly step into your lives!

Personal Portrait Challenge: days 19-24

To save myself a wee bit of time, I decided to group my past days in this one post. Much easier than making several posts at a time to keep my challenge up to date. You won't have to scroll to past posts to see what the past 7 days were. You're welcome for that. 

Day 19

Probably one of my favorites so far. We have a time of family devotions and prayer each night, and Aleksandr is learning about prayer. He's got the motion down, and it's adorable to see his little hands folded in preparation. 


Day 20

We are eager to get outdoors at any chance of a spring feeling day. Today was one, even though it was a bit chilly. We moved our art outdoors for the day. 

Day 21

Early morning Curious George cartoons.

Day 22

Tired out. After a day of shooting a wedding with a very talented photographer and friend, the weariness sets in. 

Day 23

Giggles from this boy make me giggle too!

Day 24

Anselm allowed me to capture his portrait. Sweet, small, new little Anselm.