A little break {personal}

Yesterday we packed up a picnic and headed north. For as many years as we have lived in Georgia, we had never made the trip to Red Top mountain. If you live near Atlanta, this beautiful spot is so close it's silly. We live in the Kennesaw/Acworth area and have the advantage of two pretty parks near us—Kennesaw Mountain just to the south, and Red Top Mountain a few minutes north. And while we have made many trips to Kennesaw Mountain, I am not sure why we've yet to make a trip to Red Top. Too far of a drive? Too much work?
Well let me tell you it was fabulous. Beautiful, peaceful and quiet! Going on a weekday was wonderful because no one was there. It was just us, big sky, lots of trees, big rocks, play grounds and an open stretch of lake (read: lots of adventure and exploration for a family with boys). As far as all the above questions, it probably took us an extra 5 minutes to drive north. Yup, really. Why in the world did it take us so long to visit?

It's amazing what is around you when you just pack up and go. I think the actual going part was where we got stuck. With little ones, every place you go is kind of a big deal since it means a whole lot of packing and preparing to be sure you will be ready for anything. Even if it's only a 20 minute drive. That's just how it is as a parent! But visiting Red Top is worth it! And it's so close you won't need to worry about packing much. The beauty and seclusion makes you feel like you are on a retreat of sorts since you are tucked away among the trees and lake and rocks. It's a perfect outing for anyone that needs a little break from the busyness of suburban life. Now to be on the lookout for a pair of kayaks...