announcing sound stories

We are thrilled to announce a new element at it's the everyday! 

Presenting sound stories. We are adding more dimension to your photo story by including a personal interview with you. Your words, our photos. The truest portrayal of your everyday.
It's a beautiful thing. 

Click on the photo below for the full story (and be sure to watch in HD).


We will be sharing the complete blog post of this amazing family's session soon!
(For details about sound stories head here.)

chucktown (part 1)

We recently made a quick trip to historic Charleston, SC for a little family vacation and work trip all rolled into one. Though a short trip, it was our second visit within a year. It has easily become one of our favorite coastal cities.

The old buildings, cobblestone roads, sailboats, yummy eateries, one-of-a kind stores, and short distance to the beach are all wonderful things about Charleston. But along with all that, there are so many things to do as a family. Like the park by the pier (just across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge) that has tables for picnicking and a great outdoor playground for the kids to burn energy. Or the waterfront park that has fountains to splash in, and a long pier with swings to watch sailboats and sunsets (a favorite place of ours). Lots of kid-friendly restaurants too, not to mention yummy candy stores like River Street Sweets where they offer free samples of their pralines! 

To say we love traveling is a bit of an understatement. There is so much to see and so much to do when you visit a new place! We wanted to share some of our favorite highlights for you, especially if you are making a trip with your own family.

There are many more places we wanted to explore but didn't have the time this go-round. So here are a few places worth going to (in our opinion). 

Because we are early risers (not really intentionally when you have two little ones that get up super early), a top criterion for breakfast was a place that opened early. Bakehouse is a cafe downtown that offers it's own home-made granola (delicious!), but it also opens at 8:00 a.m. on the weekends. We had parfaits with juice and finished our coffee down at the waterfront park. A wonderful start to the day! 

the Waffle House {personal}

So I (Carrie) am from the north. New York actually. I married a southern man (well...sort of southern since he's traveled so much in his childhood, but anyways...) and we have since lived in Georgia for nearly 9 wonderful years. I have been introduced to a lot of southern cuisine that I've grown to love—biscuits, sweet tea and hush puppies to name a few. But there was one iconic place I had yet to visit; the Waffle House. They are everywhere down here and I'm not sure how I made it to nearly year 9 without visiting one. It's a diner, with clunky porcelain coffee cups, laminated menus filled with greasy comfort foods, small booths with vinyl seats, and friendly waitresses that greet you from back behind the counter when you walk in. I love breakfast. It's my favorite meal and I can eat it any time of the day. Jonah does too, which is why we are so happily married! 

This morning I woke up entirely too early to the sound of our boys calling out, "Mommy, I'm awake!". But after getting two pajama-clad boys and glancing out the window at the sunshine spilling in through the window, I turned to Jonah and said, "Want to go to Waffle House?". And that was it. 

We dressed and headed out. And I have to say it was yummy. It was fun, it was friendly, and it was everything a small town diner feels like. And I love that. I think maybe I won't let another 9 years pass before visiting again. 

Mothers day story

Becoming a mom has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I cannot measure the amount of joy that fills my day-to-day from being with these babes of ours. And I've never been so actively involved in photography as I have been as a mama. There are so many little things I don't want to miss! As they have grown from newborn to baby, toddler to little man, I have been documenting along the way. My collection of photos has grown to thousands, but I love being able to look through the past few years and see what my everyday is like with them. And from all those photos, do you know which ones are my favorites? Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) they aren't the controlled, posed, set up shots that we have of our boys when they were tiny newborns. No, it's the candid, natural, in the moment kind of shots that I love the most. Like our first stop at the beach when we arrived in Charleston. We had our swim clothes packed in the car, but we were so excited to see the ocean. We just planned to dip our feet in, however when you are with a toddler that has been talking about the beach for the past 5 hours in the car, plans change. And you come away with a shot of your 3 year old in his underoos. 

Or how there are always rocks to collect whenever we visit the grandparents. 

Or the moments I catch these two reading a book or eating snacks all squished together in the same place. 

The moments are what I remember, and having those in photos is something that I will always treasure. 

So, as Mother's Day approaches, I wanted to offer something special just for moms.  
This is a session that will be in your home (or a special place you love to be with your kids) documenting your relationship with your little ones. What moments in your life do you most want to remember? What is your story?
I have to laugh because, as I typed this, my youngest came toddling by with one shoe on and the other shoe in hand, waiting for some help from mommy or daddy to put it back. And once I sat back down to type (I was outside enjoying our spring weather) a ladybug landed on my cup of water. My three year old was instantly enthralled with this tiny bug. It's these little moments that I love, that fill up my days. They are ordinary, but fleeting, and I know when I'm not so busy in the middle of raising these little boys I will miss simple moments like these.  

The moments in your own life are what I will be documenting. This real life session will be the simple everyday you spend as a mom with your own little ones. The stories you read together, the breakfast routine you share everyday, the teaching moments when you show your child something for the first time, the times you get to hold your little ones and they don't squirm away.  

Ready to book your session?
Because I really want to invest my time into your individual story, I will only be offering a minimum amount of sessions. So please contact me if you are ready to book your session! I can't wait to get to know you and document your own sweet story in motherhood!