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baby susanna

I love newborns. 

Even more so, I love shooting a photo story of a newborn! When it's a first-time parent, it's neat to watch them adjust to having a baby in their home and in their life. When it's a second-time parent, or third or fourth, there is a change. A calmness, a more relaxed approach to welcoming a newborn into their home. I love watching parents in either of these stages, because it reminds me of my own experience of becoming a mom. It's a very special time that goes by so quickly (even quicker the second time), but having those first days documented are something that you will cherish in the months ahead. 

You forget the lack of sleep, the continual feedings, the first days of seeing your children bond, and the smallness of what a newborn feels like. 

When Kelly asked me to do their newborn session for Susanna, I was so excited! I had done their newborn session for their firstborn, Judah, and I knew that with a baby girl in their family it was going to be a very sweet change for them. I love their family, and I love their cute little kiddos. They are clients who we now consider to be friends and it was an honor to capture some of Susanna's first photos. Thanks Kelly, Jack, Judah and Susanna!

pumpkin patches, apple orchards and rethinking Christmas cards

With summer winding down and a new school year beginning, we are starting to gear up for fall (and winter) and all the fun traditions that come with it. 

For us traditions have taken on a whole new meaning since we became parents. It was a lot of fun when it was just the two of us starting out, but once we had children we realized how annual trips became a little more special simply because these would be the things our boys would remember in their childhood. And they change so fast! We love looking back over the past couple of years at how they've grown.

Some of our favorite activities around this time of year are the very things we'd like to offer to you, our friends, for some upcoming story sessions. Family and traditions all rolled into one beautiful story.

So here are a couple of ideas...

Pumpkin patch stories
Thinking about picking out some pumpkins to take home and carve? Plan a little bit ahead and make it a day trip with your family. We'll tag along with you for a couple hours as you make the hike to the patch (or ride the tractor), walk through the pumpkin fields, choose the best pumpkins and finally enjoy a little home made treat from us! 

Apple picking stories.
Are you craving apple cider and a fresh, crunchy apple as much as we are? Apple season is near and dear to my (Carrie's) heart as I grew up in apple country (upstate NY). What's wonderful is that we are still fairly close to some orchards where you can pick your own! We'll meet you at the orchard and join your family as you start (or continue) this fun tradition!

And for the upcoming winter season...
Yes we know that it really does feel like winter and Christmas are a long way off, but we wanted to go ahead and let you in on a few things we have planned for the most wonderful time of the year (admit it, you sang that last part)! We'll be sharing more details in the next couple months, but we wanted to put a bug in your ear because we are too excited not to share a bit now!
For Christmas this year we will be offering something unique for your Christmas cards. It will be a creative and beautiful way to share your family story with those you love and definitely something they have never seen before!  So be on the lookout for more details! 

f this piques your interest, send us an email us at:
And of course, if you are not planning a trip to the patch or orchard, we'd love to capture your unique story, no matter what time of year.